Earthshine Spectrum


Spectrum of Earthshine taken by Don Carona on 2009-12-21 02:01:16 UT with an exposure time of 60 sec. Instruments used: SBIG DSS-7 spectrograph + ST-402 CCD; 0.4 meter SCT; Software Bisque Paramount ME mount. Bias, dark, flat and sky reductions performed using IRAF. Analysis and graphing performed using the Observatory Spectrum Analyzer with guidance from Woolf 2002. Noteable features are identified in the image below with Hα, Hβ and Na-D solar features being prominent as are the terrestrial O2 and H2O features.


Views of the Earth from the Moon and the Moon from the Earth at the time of exposure. The red marked region on the Moon is the approximate area and location covered by the spectrograph. Both renders created by Don Carona.